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Q. What conditions may qualify?

A. Cannabis has been proven to treat a wide variety of conditions and diseases. While our Patient Advocates will be able to answer direct questions about your condition, a few qualifying conditions include: Epilepsy, Chronic Pain, HIV/Aids, ALS, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Glaucoma and many others. 

Q. Where do I obtain the medicine?

A. Per Florida law, patients with a severe debilitating condition are able to lawfully cultivate cannabis themselves, or authorize a caregiver to provide the medication for you. We will work with you on an individualized basis to determine which method works for you. 

Q. I want to cultivate cannabis myself but I don't know how. Do you offer any training on how to be a successful grower?

A. Yes! We offer comprehensive hands-on* training courses for students of all cultivation experiences from beginner to master grower. We provide the course material and training for any patient or caregiver who wish to learn and have optimal growth for their medication. Click here for more information about our courses.

Q. Where are the caregivers located? How do I know the medication is safe?

A. All caregivers who wish to receive patients through CUFL go through a rigorous and comprehensive certification process and are required for follow specific guidelines set forth by CUFL to ensure safe handling and distribution of medication. For example, all medication must be tested in a qualified testing facility to ensure accurate readings. We have caregivers throughout the State of Florida waiting for you to become a patient. 

Q. Do I need my medical records? How do I obtain them?

A. Yes. The physicians order is based of scientific evidence that shows that cannabis can treat specific conditions. The medical records provide a guide for the physician to write the recommendation based on each specific condition. Medical records can usually be obtained from a patient's primary care physician. However, if you are having trouble obtaining your records, CUFL can obtain them for you for an additional cost.

Q: Where are CUFL Physicians located?

A:  With each passing month and as more and more information is generated on the benefits of cannabis, more and more physicians are signing up to help their patients and relieve their suffering. Currently, we have several physicians set up across the State of Florida and we will work with you to determine which physician best suits the patients needs.

Q. My physcian may be interested in joining your network. How do I get them in touch with you?

A. Great! We are always looking for pro-cannabis physicians. Please have them call Donavan Carr at or email at . 

Q: Is the fee covered by insurance or medicaid? 

A: Unfortunately no. Due to cannabis still being illegal federally, the law prohibits the possession or use of cannabis. Insurance does not cover the expenses related to medical cannabis.

*No cannabis will be used when teaching the course. Students will be learning with vegetable plants or similar.