Learn More About Cannabis Today

Learn More About Cannabis Today

hey folks ask Hemp here I just want to give a quick kind of a start off of what my my real basis and premise of why why cannabis is safe for everyone okay and why the myths that are perpetuated I believe are just being perpetuated essentially to protect cronyism between the politicians and what I term the policy enforcers which have a law enforcement gentleman but it looks to me like

Learn More About Cannabis Today

over the course of time that the cash seizures and stuff like that from from drug arrests really are just essentially shakedown so I mean it’s almost like a mafia deal anyway so in my research what I found is there is no THC in cannabis okay a chemical process must take place in order for THC to happen and that’s called decarboxylation alright decarboxylation takes place when a oxygen and carbon atom effectively drop or lose their

bond to this molecule the Delta 9 I’m sorry that B let me think that it’s that it’s the tetrahydrocannabinol ik acid molecule I you know what it’s technically called so it’s the tetrahydrocannabinol tetrahydrocannabinol like acid molecule that molecule in order to become tetrahydrocannabinol and actively and and I’m sorry have and then be psychoactive it has to lose the carbon and the oxygen and then become THC so that happens under decarboxylation so if decarboxylation does not

occur then THC does not occur and we end up with just this enzymatic synthase called THC a or tetrahydrocannabinol ik acid I’m not gonna go into it I I found that THC a is very medicinal that pardon me I’m not gonna make any claims like that because obviously that’s not what this is about so anyway the bottom line is the hemp and cannabis genomes have been mapped or the genetics have been mapped chem

dog was the strain that was mapped for cannabis Finola was mapped for him and what they found is that Kim dog ended up with both CBD a and THC a V NOLA hemp and only ended with CBD okay so what that’s saying is here’s the end of the line for hemp and it ends up with CBD a okay CBD a when decarboxylated under heat becomes CBD alright which then you produce CBD hemp

oil from but that’s zero percent THC okay there is no THC and hemp it’s not 0.3 it’s not low THC its 0 its 0 because the precursor which is THC a does not exist in the biosynthetic pathway for hemp and you can look that up on HTTP colon forward slash forward slash cannabis genome C a and and a B is GE n om comm cannabis genome calm okay and then you’re also gonna see

that chem dogs been mapped chem dog ends up with both THC and CBD okay now if again we don’t have decarboxylation then we don’t get THC alright only with the carboxylation do we get THC so if you’ve got kids infants children do not decarboxylate it will not intoxicate okay do not do carboxylate it will not intoxicate and then above this line this is medicinal cannabis okay this is juiced medicinal cannabis right here then

we’ve got another variety that is becoming a very popular out in Colorado Josh Stanley and his brothers have brought it forward it’s called Charlotte’s Web Charlotte Figi making it very famous very brave young lady and it ends with CBD okay now that’s medicinal cannabis ending with CBD which becomes CBD sorry cbda that ends with the art become CBD after they be carboxylated alright so they’re making CBD cannabis oil down this chain right here they’re making

THC cannabis oil down this chain here this is the pathway of Rick Simpson oil here this would be effectively very similar to Rick Simpson oil but from a strain that does not have THC so it can’t convert to THC now keep in mind this doesn’t always happen it’s not even necessarily the intention of the user and so if this doesn’t happen just like here if this doesn’t happen then you’re left with CBD a

okay now part of the reason I’m saying that is that that what’s assumed by all this political rhetoric rhetoric about having to regulate and tax and worry about hemp is that everybody’s there saying oh they might plant this here not gonna happen this is full of seeds this is full of flowers these flowers will be ruined in this seed patch no one’s gonna plant marijuana into a seed patch okay on the other hand

also the the benefit of the THC a for medicinal perspective for those who don’t care to have the psychoactivity of the THC they are gonna miss out on this right here so we need to keep in mind that there are effectively like I say one hemp to THC or THC a 3t ACA CBD a and then for which I’m number three or four CBD a strains of and all these strains are effectively cannabis

all right this is my first video I’ll improve this thing next time I’m gonna post it anyway just to get clobbered on from whoever and get beat up with some ask em questions that’s what the whole deal is about is ask him i’ma help ok I’m help because I’m also cannabis but I’m happy because I eat a third of my diet and hemp seed hemp protein hemp oil I don’t care what

it is if it’s made from hemp I’m eating it I reduced my diet from cold corn and started eating hemp products instead and once I did that I realized that I am how I am cannabis I’m not porn like the guys in king corn huh I’m cannabis and as you can see dude I mean this this is a freaking I’m not even going to show you the mean lean machine and it’s been

side here the abs the obliques the muscle mass that the protein and hemp seed builds inside you the health the the flat lining of your gut if you have if you’ve got any gut disease and you’re not eating hemp seed I’m Sami not it’s like I look at anyone be well and I say get on it now eat em see now if you have a digestive disease it will flatline your stomach in

30 seconds I mean it’s that unbelievable once you feel that well you think I got disease your meat your soul but done your I mean at that stage you’re on board I mean I I muscle down meat two or three things a half a day that are like porridge I mean I’m via that black porridge because of the health benefit from it I mean that’s anyone cheers my friends I’m agreed.

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