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Cannabis University of Florida

At Cannabis University of Florida We care compassionately about making Florida the next state approve the use of Medical Marijuana to benefit all those who are needlessly suffering every day. Medical Marijuana alleviates symptoms for those suffering from cancer, Lou Gehrig’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and many other ailments and diseases. Science has proven that Medical Marijuana not only works, but it is safer than the majority of the addictive and harmful prescription drugs used by patients today.

The use of medical marijuana has helped individuals of all ages, including young children who are suffering from severe conditions such as epileptic seizures which have been known to stunt toddler development. With the passage of the Medical marijuana bill in November, it will allow for those who are seriously ill and suffering to have relief that will not only improve their overall well being but their health and quality of life as well. Please continue browsing our website to learn more about Cannabis University of Florida. You can find out about upcoming events  and sign up for upcoming seminars. Contact Cannabis University of Florida should you have any questions or comments.

For thousands of years, the curative properties of medical cannabis have been well known. But it is only now that the country sits on the verge of restoring our right to benefit from mother nature’s greatest gift.

As a proud member of the Florida community, Cannabis University of Florida adheres to a strong set of principles:


Cannabis University of Florida advocates the passage of new cannabis legislation. Frankly, it’s been too long in coming. Now is the time when voters should educate themselves about the vast benefits of medical cannabis, and then send a strong message to our lawmakers.


Cannabis University of Florida seeks to help voters make the most informed decisions they can. For many, the benefits and long history of medical cannabis remain somewhat of a mystery. But through awareness and education, anyone can appreciate and respect the immense value of mother nature’s greatest gift, and support its legalization.

Giving Back

Cannabis University of Florida works actively in the Florida community to support various charities and nonprofit organizations. As an active political organization, we recognize the responsibility we have to make people’s lives better. We do that through frequent financial contributions where we believe the most good can be done.


The root of Cannabis University of Florida’s mission is to alleviate suffering by making medical cannabis legal in Florida. For too long, people have suffered while an effective remedy remained inexpensive and easy to produce. With the passage of Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative, Amendment 2, we hope to improve their quality of life.


At Cannabis University of Florida, we know that states where medical cannabis is legal reap benefits far beyond its medicinal value. Its legalization would heal an immense political rift. Medical cannabis would also support local economies by introducing a new industry. Medical cannabis not only heals, but strengthens as well.

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