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At Cannabis University we strive to provide the best cannabis education. Our extensive curriculum will immerse you in the cannabis world and teach you new and exciting things that you never knew about cannabis. Our interactive class room programs allow for students to thrive in the program and become full engaged in the conversation and learning.  We facilitate a mixed method approach of direct instruction and cooperative based learning. Our facilitators engage and teach directly to the students to allow for optimized learning about the cannabis industy. Our instructors are fully invested in the learning of our students and provide support in and out of the classroom.

In order to provide the highest level of education, students are required to take several prerequisite courses before perusing a career avenue. We believe that by fully understanding cannabis and the cannabis industry, students are able to dictate exactly which career path they truly wish to pursue and become well versed in the industry. We often find that students enter the program with one career goal in mind and completely changing their decision. We’ve eliminated the ‘where do I start’ panic when starting a new program. Our program is optimized for success for students of all disciples and fields of study.

Students will have access to a community board where they will be able to communicate with professors and other industry professionals. Students will be able to communicate directly not only with teachers and staff, but fellow students and industry professionals as well.

Our split courses allow for students to learn at their own pace and take courses as the benefit of their own schedule. The courses also allow students to focus on specific areas of study and not be overloaded with information. Our classes allow time for active and constructive participation and discussion of relevant topics. Upon completion, you will be fully ready to embark on a journy into the exciting field of cannabis.

CUF Course Catalog


Cannabis Studies (CAN 1000)

Basic study of the cannabis plants and its effects on the endocannabinoid system and how it can be used in every day situations.

History of Cannabis (HIS 1000)

Basic overview of the history of cannabis from its free use and availability to its current state of prohibition.

Cannabis Law (LAW 1000)

Study of the current international,federal, and state laws

Careers in Cannabis (CAN 1100)

Learn about all the exciting fields of cannabis to assist in choosing a direction for you to pursue. 


Caregiver Introduction CAR 1000

Introductory course on becoming a caregiver

Cultivation Basics CUL 1000

Provides a basic overview of how to cultivate cannabis.

Advanced Indoor Cultivation CUL 2000

Advanced indoor cultivation techniques for growing
*Required Prerequisite - CUL 1000

Cannabis Edibles EDI 1000

Basic introduction to cannabis in the kitchen


Cannabis Business (BUS 1000)

Introductory course on the business of cannabis

Soil Cultivation Methods (CUL 1100)

Expansive presentation of outdoor cultivation techniques.
*Required Prerequisite - CUL 1000

Alternative Cultivation Methods (CUL 1200)

Expansive presentation of indoor cultivation techniques including hydroponics and aeroponics
*Required Prerequisite - CUL 1000

State Cannabis Law (LAW 1100)

In-depth overview of the current State cannabis laws and pending legislation


Cultivation Certification (32 Hours)

Course Requirements
Prerequisites - 16 Hours
Core - 8 Hours
Electives - 8 Hours

Cannabis Business Certification
Prerequisites - 16 Hours
Core - 8 Hours
Electives - 8 Hours

Caregiver Certification

Prerequisites - 16 Hours
Core - 8 Hours
Electives - 8 Hours