Online Certifications

Our online training certifications feature a variety of courses that allow for students to learn everything they need to know about the cannabis industry. Students will have 24/7 access to content and material for their course of study with self help guides, quizzes for study, and community forums for discussions. Upon completion of course, students will receive a certification for the course as well as access to our CUFL Cannabis Graduate Job Board.

Budtender Certification

Budtender Certification - $99 

Participants of the Bud Tender Certification will be trained to be lawful, safe, and knowledgeable sales representatives. Students will begin with a base understanding of law compliance and consumption safety. Serious precaution in training for proper dosage, safe consumption, and all things involving consumer safety will be taken. The course will follow with (2) bud tender modules: understanding cannabis products and their effects,  followed by product sales and making the right recommendation for customers.