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hello and welcome I’ve got a bit of
sketchbook show and tell today because
I’ve been inspired by a few youtubers I
follow who are doing a finish your
sketchbook challenge for themselves and
I must admit this is a problem I’ve got
I have so many sketchbooks that are
incomplete and this is a great example
it’s at least five maybe six years old
it’s one of those Strathmore mixed-media
journals so it’s really good quality
paper in there it was softcover and I
started with all sorts of enthusiasm I
even created this little jacket for it
and I was using it for a course I was
taking which I absolutely loved which is
all about watercolor cursive lettering
which is a challenge for me because when
I was at school we did printing I never
learned cursive and then the idea was
that you would take a letter of the
alphabet for each page and fill it with
some illustrations relating to that
letter what a great idea
don’t you think and in the class we did
chairs and they were so much fun they
were wonderful and but I then I did do a
couple of other pages with some
illustrations but I hated them and I
have to admit yesterday I rubbed out
most of them you see this is what
happens when you leave a project for a
long time and you spend forever filling
up the book your skill level definitely
changes and you’ve got this weird mix of
terrible drawings along with whatever
you’re doing now which is hopefully a
bit better
for example J was going to be for jars
and I think it will be but you see five
years ago I wasn’t exactly very good at
perspective and so the curve on that jar
lid should be the same as the curve on
the bottom so that’s really going to
bother me and I’m itching to fix that
but I left it as an example to show you
what I mean
the perils of letting your sketchbook
take so long to be filled so I want to
take up the challenge for myself of
filling up this little book so we’ll get
to that in a minute but one of the other
things I wanted to show you that I’d
forgotten about till I’d taken out
this book was this kind of watercolor
because this is the watercolor that I’m
actually using it’s watercolor that
comes in card so it’s dry very handy and
portable I don’t know if you’ve seen
that before
you may well have seen there was a lot
of marketing effort for these little
sets color sheets so it’s vivid
transparent watercolor and this was a
beautiful little set that was gifted to
me by a very dear friend who I haven’t
seen in years and she just sent them to
me out of the blue and it’s so neat and
lovely I’ve been a little bit afraid to
use it but I definitely have that on my
to-do list but it is the same sort of
thing as the original set I had which
was a different brand peerless and this
is how they can’t now these I think it’s
so fascinating because it’s a bit of a
history lesson like in the old days when
photographs were monochrome if you
wanted them colored some artists had to
sit and actually color them in and
apparently this is what they actually
used and it’s quite interesting because
sometimes like that believe it or not is
crimson so the color on the card really
doesn’t tell you what the color is when
you actually paint it the back of the
card is a better indication and of
course I took this up as a craft project
didn’t I and created by cutting out
those little pieces of card my own
little portable palettes because I love
the idea of being able to have flat dry
watercolor that would just slip into my
sketchbook and I could take it anywhere
I went so I cut out the little pieces
and I put a sheet of
transparency to be as a little palette
which is great for mixing and it also
obviously protects these sheets but I
did want to show you obviously when
I got these I went mad and started
creating them for all sorts of journals
so here’s a big journal that I was using
for another course again many many years
ago and I created a giant version of
that and this is a bit of a tale of woe
because as you can see over here I spilt
my water jar all over it so I don’t
know how much color still remains on
those little cards and how much was just
washed in when I spilt my water bottle
all over my palette how sad
right and here’s yes another one do you
remember these has anybody got one of
these still they seemed like such a
great idea I was gonna be super
organized I was gonna carry my
sketchbook everywhere and have my
planner in the middle so of course who
doesn’t love another craft project
opportunity I created a lovely little
palette the same thing again these same
cards cut up in there as you can see I
don’t use them particularly much do I I
love the craft side and I love the idea
of the sketching but filling the
sketchbook is the next challenge so
that’s what I’m focusing on at the
moment so let me put these aside and
we’ll get back to my original sketchbook
I was showing you and see what we can do
about filling one of those pages so as
you can see I’ve decided to go for the
page that is for the letter P and I
decided P would be for potted plants
because those are one of my very
favorite things to draw and I’m starting
out with a lemon tree in a pot I do love
getting to paint these bright lemons
they’re they’re an awful lot of fun and
I’m just doing a pencil sketch when I
originally started this sketchbook and
following along with Danielle
Donaldson’s class the idea was to use
graphite pencil sketching and a
combination of if I remember correctly
was an awfully long time ago graphite
pencil and watercolor and a few colored
pencils I think but I’ve never really
made friends with graphite pencils and
so I’m opting to use my favorite
erasable colored pencil as usual and I
happen to have picked a blue one there
and I’m doing a very loose sketch in
pencil I think I’m going go back to pen
in a minute and add some pen but I want
to dab in some color first and it did
occur to me that it’s been almost as
many years since I’ve used these
particular watercolors and even remember
what they were like and what the colors
were like so I got it
yes another unfinished sketchbook and
had a little bit of a play with those
colors so that I had a little bit of an
idea of what I was going to be dealing
with and I decided since I was gonna
paint lovely bright you know lemons to
go for a fetching dark blue pot and I’m
really painting outside of the lines and
my lines are very loose if you’ve been
around here before welcome back and
thank you for coming back I always paint
in a kind of a loose style and it seems I
draw in a loose style too
I actually think these are this is one
of the reasons that I don’t go back to
my sketchbooks as often as I want to
because I get a little bit confused
about whether I’m an illustrator or a
painter and whether I should be working
to a theme and whether I’m too whimsical
or want to be trying want to try and be
more realistic and all of that is just
way too much far too unnecessary thinking
so I’m trying to let go of all of that
and just paint and draw the way I paint
and draw which is very loose and sketchy
so I’m at the moment I’m waiting for
that lemon tree to dry but I think I
will go back and firm it up with a few
pen details in a minute but I can’t do
until the paint is dry because if I go
and put my lovely artist pen on a wet
page it’s going to damage the pen now I’ve
decided to go to the other page in the
mean time and draw a different type of
potted plant so I do rather love those
monster leaves there and I I’m not a
particular fan of too much heavy black
pen either and what I’ve got there is
actually a dark brown pen and I’m going to
go over my lines in the in this
particular pot plant I’d used a few more
sketching lines to get the basic outside
shapes of those leaves before I went in
and putting the lovely negative spaces
between them and now that I’ve done
those lines I think my lemon tree is dry
enough that I can go back and add a few
squiggly lines here and there to put in
some more of the details of those trees
I’m not particularly worried about well
um I suppose what I mean is I’m not
aiming to do kind of a coloring book
illustration so I’m not looking for
perfect line drawings and careful
coloring in the middle I’m kind of
hoping and I know that given the way I
paint it or turn out this way that there
will be color that extends beyond the
lines and color that doesn’t quite fill
to the edges of the lines and I rather
like that loose kind of playful
whimsical feel it’s that’s what makes me
happy now I’m just about finished that
delicious monster plant there adding in
a few more darks to give the idea of the
leaves sitting forward and behind one
another but it’s not quite dry so I’ve
had to put a bit of kitchen towel
underneath my hand to kind of cover the
the work I’ve been doing so that I can
carry on and impatiently complete the
page as you know I so want to do and
I’ve decided to do something a little
bit more colorful up there so this time
I’m going to draw a potted plant that
has a few flowers
on it so there’s those lovely tall wispy
strands of flowers and again I’m not
trying to draw every single petal I’m
really just suggesting some of the
shapes of those tiny little flowers
which I’m going to make purple in a minute
and since they’re going to be purple a
yellow pot is going to be a lovely
bright exciting contrast and again make
the lemon tree on the other side connect
to this page as well and I’ve only got
two greens so I’m having to mix in a few
of the yellows into those greens as well
to get some variety and depth into the
plants in that foreground I didn’t
really have terribly much of a plan
about what I was going to draw on this
page other than it thought it was going
to be potted plants and three is quite a
nice number to stop at but the page
still looked a little bit empty so I’m
going to carry on and the color that I
wrote the P in at the bottom of this
page is a red color but as I said it’s
been Oh such a long time since I used
these paints that I wasn’t even sure
which red that was but I think I’ve
managed to match them up there so I’ve
chosen to make that pot red and I love
the curve I got on the left-hand side of
the pot but I didn’t quite manage to
match that as well as I’d like on the
right but you know never mind it’s just
a sketchbook and I’m also looking to put
in a bit of variety here so a palm tree
seemed a good choice because it’s got
such a different shape of leaf and palm
trees I find rather fun to paint because
actually the paintbrush itself does most
of work since I went and added a fourth
plant I’m going to have to put one more
up on that left hand page and I think
once I’ve done that five is another nice
odd number and that’ll be a good place
to stop and I’m thinking still about
variety so I decided to change the shape
of the pot that
I’m putting these plants in so this one
is kind of a long flat pot and I’m using
the same kind of red as I used for the
palm tree on the right hand side to put
in the pot to connect these two pages
and this I think is one of those
miniature gardens so I’m putting a
couple of different plants in there and
some nice dark soil underneath it and
now that I’ve done that my palm tree is
dry enough for me to go back and add pen
details and of course once you start
adding details in one place you can’t
resist putting them in another I also
think if I if you’re going for a sketchy
feel a few extra lines looks a little
bit better than just one line if you’ve
got just one line then I think it should
be a clean neat perfect line and since
we know clean neat and perfect is not me
we’re going to go for lots of little
sketchy lines let’s call that done for
the letter P ….25 letters to go….

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