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[Music]Genoa is the first company of its kind
the first-ever canvas-based direct
selling company in the history of the
world now the history of cannabis
throughout the world a very very
interesting study going back to ancient
Chinese artifacts we find evidence of
cannabis being used to therapeutically
even here in the US the period from 1850
to 1937 cannabis was widely prescribed
by medical doctors in 1937 that all
changed when Congress passed the
marihuana Tax Act and lumped hemp in
with marijuana I went on for about 50
years until a group of us from San Diego
could enterprising entrepreneurs thought
if we did this a little differently
perhaps we could grow a high
concentration CBD and a hemp crop did
this we felt comfortable and shipping to
all 50 US states and then over time were
currently exporting products about 44
countries around the globe any great
movement like that
it begins with with one person willing
to stand up and say we’re gonna
challenge the status quo we’re gonna do
things differently and that for us is
dr. Stewart is the founder of counter
way you know he was a lone voice insane
well the benefit of CBD beneficent
cannabis was well there were a
tremendous challenges in developing this
industry at first we had to find a place
in the world to be able to grow high
concentrations CBD and a hemp crop and
we searched out the globe why not
finding a wonderful farmer in the
southern part of the Netherlands growing
a crop with a high enough concentration
of CBD to potentially be therapeutic
took us about four years of course the
fibers are very thick almost like steel
between ourselves Lord farmer we
probably put 12 million dollars into
just developing harvesting equipment
it’s not all about just throwing some
seeds in the ground and hoping you come
up with a high CBD concentration crop
and then being able to deliver a product
this was a process that took years and
years and years to develop CVD
cannabinoids do have a
in fact directly on receptor sites
within the cell membrane and this allows
many a list of overcomes things such as
fatigue there is now this theory going
around the mackerel community of the
clinical endocannabinoid deficiency
syndrome and this was first postulated
by dr. Ethan Rousseau and he found the
characteristic among these patients were
that they were all very low in their
internal endogenous cannabinoids once he
started getting his patients to abnormal
cannabinoid intake that these patients
came to a much higher level of health
[Music]we believe the best product you can get
is a real true full-spectrum product
like the ones we sale source from a
trusted grower that’s been growing from
so our two-step process allows us to
take many of the Entourage botanicals
and then we reconstitute just put a and
B together to capture as much of the
goodness from the cannabis plant as
we’ve currently been able to utilize we
really at this time are about the only
company that has these blue green and
gold products which are more direct from
the cannabis hemp plant itself Green is
the raw juice the raw extract from the
hemp plant itself CBD in an acid form
blue is a law extract from the cannabis
plant that’s been decarboxylated lightly
heated loses some of the plant material
concentrates the CBD to 17% the gold
basically takes our blue product that’s
been decarboxylated and then we do an
additional step removes a little bit
more of the plant material concentrates
the CBD to 24% and produces a nice
golden honey color the triple AB testing
is really one of the most important
messages in our company so we developed
the process first step we realize you
need to test the harvest you need to
test the strain then we extract us the
second test make sure that the THC CBD
CBD a cbgc bien
all of the important cannabinoids are
there the third test is the final good
when you’re mixing with other
ingredients with other formulas things
may change it’s one insurer once we
bottle it not only it’s got the
milligrams we promise it’s got the
safety that we promised and it’s got
everything that you need
[Music]medical marijuana Inc really is a
company of firsts and as can’t waste
parent company in 2009 it was the first
ever public health cannabis company in
the United States in 2012 we were the
first company in history of the world to
launch a seed a new pod and in 2014 a
major first for the company the first
ever cannabis based direct selling
company was introduced to the world
can’t wait
in 2017 the company had a breakthrough
we were the first company to ever
present to the World Health Organization
on the safety and efficacy of CBD based
products just this year we had another
amazing first we were the first company
to ever have a cannabis paste the
supplement our CBD products in the PDR
the physicians Desk Reference for the
first time we cracked the DSN top 100 it
means kannaway is one of the world’s
largest hundred direct selling companies
we’ve still got a long ways to go
we’ve been recognized over and over from
2018 and 2019 cause of our growth and I
expect that to continue into 2020 and
beyond you can look at everything around
you right now okay look at your watch
look at your computer look at your TV or
all those things gonna be bigger in 10
years in the are today I don’t know the
answer to that but with respect to
cannabis you could ask anybody that’s
living on the planet today whether the
cannabis interest is gonna be bigger ten
years from now than it is today and it’s
a universal yes so how do you profit I
guess you could start a dispensary if
you live somewhere where that’s legal
and if you want to invest a bunch of
capital and get all the right
licenses I guess you could open a CBD
hemp store you want to hire a bunch of
employees and get all the infrastructure
in or kannaway could be the perfect
opportunity for every single person to
get involved in Mechanicsburg one of the
greatest shifts in public thought in the
last 70 years and I can participate for
the simple price of the be a fee and
barring a few products to get started
well you don’t have to be a scientist
you don’t have to be a farmer you don’t
have to be an accountant you don’t have
to be a salesperson everything’s done
for you each tank a tank o di Schiavi in
the Kansas labor of a new movie type V
decent kavitha’s men see sign label to
conjugate okay dr. falender 20 cent
label of conjugations movies – in death
tanta of it was due to a common don’t
clean n be of young we are making a
difference in the world we’re changing
laws who wouldn’t want to be a part of
that and to share and educate and
empower others oh my goodness to be
rewarded abundantly financially and with
your health all wins
now the countywide unity has been almost
the stuff of dreams I mean you talk
about where we started back 2014 2015
starting to get the message out there
Aniela back March 2016 we got a new CEO
Lake shape and since then can away
ourselves have grown 80 times that we’ve
been the leaders all over the world
educating and opening more and more
opportunities and I know as kannaway
gets to grow when we scale bigger and
bigger this ad will turn to a hundred to
two hundred fold as we begin to really
set a foundation for a truly global
legacy company it is not easy to craft a
plan that would meet the needs of one
with a multi-million dollar annual
income objective and also meet the needs
of somebody who is struggling so hard in
life and once extra 500 bucks a month
this compensation plan does a better job
and anything I have witnessed in my 30
years in the industry
properly and adequately distributing the
income among various participants at
various stages of development so what we
do is we share not only you know the
income potential that they have but also
the other things like the trips and the
little incentive recognitions and people
will work harder for that than they will
for a dollar we’ve been to quite we’ve
been to Costa Rica where will we go next
we want you there with us this is all
there to say thank you for all the
things that you do and so you can have
that we’ve Callaway have a lot of fun it
makes great memories away
[Music]I remember I walked through the doors of
the company my first day that I joined
kannaway and I met Stuart and his
partner and then I watched Stuart for a
little while and he would always have
these groups of people coming into the
office helping him and giving away
massive amounts of products and I
thought you know what he’s making a big
change in these people’s lives but it
needs to be bigger than this store
because it can’t be everywhere at one
time and so we decided to create a
nonprofit organization called echo echo
connection is an international charity
and we envision a world where
cannabinoids are universally available
and accepted by all and we have seen
profound changes in the health and
well-being of families I just was like
sick my watch I’m like oh my god I think
it’s can’t believe it’s actually working
this quick my wife came home and she
just walked up and started crying
we always say that we would do anything
for our children or for our families and
these people truly have moved mountains
for their babies and for the rest of
their families then it’s truly thousands
of us all over the world giving just a
small amount each month that keeps the
echo families going it’s a part of our
culture and it’s a part of our legacy as
a company this plant really changed my
life changed the life of my family and
of course change the lives of my little
[Music]I believe the time will come when
literally expand the globe east to west
and north and south the end of the
prohibition of cannabis is a process
that has begun it’s a process that will
not be stopped and if one earns market
share today in the evolving process
there is simply no limitation of the
Tomato evidence we find ourselves in the
midst of a cannabis bill kannaway is
leading the way in terms of Education in
terms of getting back through echo and
in terms of making a difference in the
I invite you whether it’s to become a
customer of our company or a brand
ambassador get involved and make a

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