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good evening everybody and welcome to
another episode of High Times today I’m
gonna be sampling the strange blue widow
it’s a cross between Blue Dream and
White Widow and blue widow so it’s a
hybrid strain so we’re gonna try out
today for y’all okay so let’s with March
come in like a lion like is
first pull nice and smooth very smooth
dead really has a blueberry flavor to it
if you like blueberry sighs oh my no but
it’s not the strongest flavor you know
for Eclair although it is fruity yes but
not the strongest flavor but because
smell I love the smell of stuff smells
good hey it offers a really good smell
when you’re smoking so if you’re worried
about smell this is one of the very
strange so let’s say I’d continue on
catch my breath here coffee is good
because it means you’re sort try to get
rid of that shit yo that’s just all
right so now wait look a few seconds
well that take let it flow through my
body first kiss I can’t get that feel so
you know what kind of high because the
flavor it’s a mild fruity it’s good if
you just were mild fruit taste but the
smell is probably the highlight while
smoking so far so that’s a good thing
right there and I’m noticing it starting
to kick in it’s more of a head higher
than his boy although there’s some body
in there a just body wise it kind of
loosens you up like makes you feel like
you’re floating on water or you can have
it a nice soak in the tub that kind of
feeling you know but where I know it’s
for the head high like yeah you get hard
mentally of course but it feels like
it’s clean it out
shall your head while doing it that’s
what kind of feels like to me and that’s
the best way I can describe it now let
me know I think both running here I’ll
probably have to give it a b-plus a
b-plus you know and I think what came to
the b-plus like it would have been
probably a more sore eight if it had
more of a fruity flavor to it but it
does have a good highlights on smell and
the best part of the high is the whole
you can’t feels like it’s clean out your
system in a way it’s kind of like making
the shins are you feel pure clean you
know like everything’s just been clean
right or now so I’m gonna be doing a few
more reviews and that’s a little bit but
I hope you enjoyed this video so please
like comment subscribe and share this
video and I like to hear your opinions
cuz I like to get everyone on board you
know like you know Tessie it where yep
get used for multiple people and kind of
take the average of all those reviews
right I might give the Strand B+ someone
might give it a so what might give us
see or whatever you know uh but you
kinda have to take those averages of the
grades for people and that way you kind
of have a general idea what your joy for
strains yeah I was thinking that I gotta
play around with this blue arrow because
I think it might be a good one the mechs
but with what
not sure yet but yeah I probably mess
around with it a little bit so check
back sorrowful eventually they’ll also
mix traits like you probably say a
couple before of this channel well get a
yard with that well I wish everyone good
night until next time have a good one

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