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MSNBC host, Chris Matthews has had a terrible week or 10 days and he is now abruptly quit on 
live television last night, claiming he’s retiring to clear a path for the younger generation,
coincidentally happening after two of the most embarrassing on air fiasco of his career combined 
with sexual assault, sexual harassment allegations. Let’s first look at Chris Matthews quitting then
will look at what led up to it and discuss whether we believe his explanation. The explanation does 
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reference the sexual harassment allegations against him.
Let me start with my headline tonight. I’m retiring. This is the last heart­born MSNBC. And 
obviously this is for lack of interest in politics that you can tell. I’ve loved every minute of my 20
years as host of hardball every morning I read the papers and I’m gung­ho to get to work. Not many 
people have had this privilege.
I love working with my producers of the discussions we have over how to report the news.
And I love having this connect with you, the good people who watch of learn who you are bumping
into you on the sidewalk, or waiting in an airport and saying hello, you’re like me, I heard from your
kids and grandchildren who say I do love you are my grandmother loves her. My husband watched
it till the end.
We have a conversation with the SBC. I decide tonight will be my last hard ball. So let me tell you
why the younger generations out there ready to take the reins. We see them in politics and the 
media, and funding for their causes, they’re improving the workplace, we’re talking here about
better standards that we grow up with fair standards.
A lot of it has to do with how we talk to each other. compliments on a woman’s appearance that
some men, including me, might have once it incorrectly, thought we’re okay, we’re never… Okay, 
not then is certainly not today, and for making such comments in the past, I’m sorry.
So He says it’s time. There’s a younger generation coming things are changing. It’s my time. But he 
does reference those allegations against him from women of sexual harassment and he does
apologize for it, but there is more to this story because the day that Jewish candidate, Bernie 
Sanders on Donovan AUs Matthew said it was like the Nazis invading France. Take a look.
I read last night about the fall of France in the summer of 1940, and the re­In no case of church and 
says It’s over churches is how can it be? You get the greatest army in Europe. How can it be over?
He said It’s over.
So I had that pin­suppressed feeling. I can’t be as wild as Carville but he is damned smart and I
think he’s damn right on this way that led to calls for his resignation and he apologized for saying 
that. Then this past weekend, Chris Matthews got black politicians mix up mistaking black
Republican Senator Tim Scott, for black democratic challenger Jamie Harrison. And it was just a 
cringe as you imagine a… I see a stand next to the guy, you’re gonna be right there. Maybe…
Maybe… Maybe listen grand some got is at… Take me.
He got a…
“who is that?
That times got one side.
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Oh, it’s at the other senses. What am I saying?
Big mistake, mistaken identity star. Sorry, tell me how you’re gonna be done. I like to say that every
always late.
And then the chart on top.
Yes, as Chris Matthews alluded to comments to women that he has made, he did indeed get accused
of sexual harassment this week as well. So Chris Matthews goes out quickly. There were countless
calls for him to resign, and he is immediately retiring.
Sort of practical question, who replaces him? We don’t know there are reports that MSNBC has
been speaking to shepherd Smith, who left Fox News months ago. I guess I have been a year, 
probably six months ago. I don’t remember. Time is a weird thing in the Trump era, Chip Smith left
Fox News after very public disagreements with other hosts and with the Trump propaganda 
machine. And there are discussions about, could SHEP, Smith maybe have a role to play in the
future of MSNBC?
So that’s the story. merely a quick update with so much going on today. It’s Super Tuesday, so many
other things. I don’t wanna dwell on this story much more now, but very quickly after three very 
bad public incidents, to On Air, one of sexual harassment allegations Chris Matthews out to… And
NBC. I don’t think a lot of people in my audience are particularly torn up over Chris Matthews 
leaving, but if I am wrong, indeed, let me know.

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  1. I always live the shameless product plugs in you tubers videos lol. Hey I get it, it pays the bills, but man it’s funny when they actually act like the use/used the products. I can’t speak for Dave, sorry if I’m wrong, but we all know they’re just following a script, and acting like they actually enjoy the product. I was a marketing major, I know all the tricks. Just wish you tears weren’t so shameless about it though. It’s dishonest.

  2. Outlaw the activities of lobbyists, and party line voting MUST be replaced by conscience vote in government at all levels. True representation of the electorate.

  3. This is how things work now, it's either a long vacation or retiring overnight. Chris no different then others who have left His Network and other Networks, his comment about Bernie finished him. Fox Fake News leads the way in matters like that, If one of their's does something as Chris did they are on vacation the very next day, some don't ever return too.

  4. I am not of your generation, rather identified (labeled), as Boomer II’ (1954 until 1966). Matthews is ~6/7 years older the I am. Losing him, as the host of ‘Hardball’, especially during Trump’s election year is the loss of 40+ years of direct experience and the insight that ONLY comes from: being there. Perhaps, Matthew’s comments offended a person or more, so what? The world is not fair. The work place is not fair. I thought that you were more insightful, than you are. I also thought you were braver than you are. Your struggles to retain this YouTube program have caused you to toss away your objectivity and conform to the ‘thought police.’ Perhaps, you should ask yourself, how would a young Christopher Hitchens or George Orwell would have responded to your recent struggles. Would they have sided with truth and comradely? Yes, certainly. Matthews being shoved out of service, in such an inglorious manner is a travesty. I watched your program everyday, until today. Your puerile fear of the power structure recently became apparent and now this is your reaction to Chris being pushed aside? You are being pushed aside too, so you believe that being a sycophant, to the ruling class will help your career? I will not. I can get biased reporting anywhere and frankly you are not relevant to me any longer,. Why? Working 30+ years in consulting and reaching the highest levels, I often said, “I can smell fear a mile away.’ You, young man, reek of it. I wish you good luck