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My name is Dr Edward Bassinghtwaite,
I’m a mobile holistic vet
and I live
in the northern rivers in NSW.
I’m on my way to go and see
Little Mate.
He’s an old Jack Russell
with arthritis
and some heart failure issues
and we’re going to have a check-up
and see how he’s been going
on his medical marijuana.
I might be the only vet in Australia
doing this.
When I first heard people
in Australia
were giving weed to their pets,
this is what I had in mind.
But the reality, as it turns out,
is a lot more boring.
That’s because the doggos
aren’t actually getting high.
At most, they might just feel
a bit drowsy.
– G’day, King.
– Hello Doc Edwards.
How you handling the heat?
King’s probably one of the last
people I’d thought
would be open to medical marijuana.
Cannabis? No, it’s never been
in our world.
Yeah, no, no. Wrong generation
to have cannabis in our world.
Neither of us have smoked, so…
When he first got sick he couldn’t
jump as much as he used to.
He wasn’t as active
and the first day
that Dr Edwards came,
well, he was lying on his bed inside
and he just wouldn’t even
lift his head.
He’s gone from being unwilling
to go for a walk at all
to being happy and excited
to go for quite long walks.
And another really unexpected thing
was that his heart murmur improved,
which is something that I have not
seen before in 20 years of practice.
Oh yes, yes, for sure.
It was a second lease on life.
Cases that may benefit,
certainly older animals
with arthritis,
animals with epilepsy,
animals with immune troubles
like allergies and itches,
and anxious animals
with separation anxiety.
See, what this vet is recommending
isn’t the same stuff
that’s powering drum circles
on beaches across Australia.
You absolutely
should not give your pet
marijuana that you’ve bought
for your personal use, okay?
Instead, what Dr Bassinghtwaighte is
talking about is medicinal marijuana
that comes in an oil form.
The cannabis plant contains
dozens of components
which are called cannabinoids.
Among them are THC and CBD.
Both reportedly may have
therapeutic effects
but THC makes people feel high
and can be toxic to animals.
CBD, on the other hand,
has very little to no toxicity.
It can make the dogs a bit chill.
It doesn’t have
a strong psychoactive effect
but it can have a slight
sedative effect, for instance.
Up you get. Come on, Mate,
medicine time.
After he has it, does he seem stoned?
What happens if he has a high?
No, he doesn’t have a high.
You don’t notice.
You wouldn’t know
that he’s had it or not.
We can tell but the average person
wouldn’t know.
– How can you tell?
– Oh, just the look on his face
when you go and get the bottle
out of the fridge.
Hey, that’s good isn’t it, Mate, hey?
In respect to improving his life,
it hasn’t helped his hearing.
– He’s still deaf.
– Like me.
But other than that it’s made
a big difference to him. Huge.
In his whole outlook on life.
But not everyone is convinced.
I think in this current point in time
the recommendation of medical
marijuana to pets and their owners
is too premature.
My name is Philip Brain. I’m a
small animal medicine specialist.
We certainly see the toxic effects
of animals that are exposed to
marijuana in general.
I think that we are well enough aware
of those effects
to be somewhat cautious in the
recommendation of medical marijuana
and to be aware of the potential for
those drugs to cause side effects.
Currently, the evidence
is all anecdotal
and that is fraught with danger.
To recommend a drug
where that testing hasn’t been done,
I think is not responsible.
Medicinal marijuana
is a lucrative business.
It’s worth an estimated
7 billion dollars in the US alone.
And, even though the legalities
are a bit weird here in Australia,
one ASX-listed company
already has plans to cash in.
I don’t believe that
this hideously expensive
drawn-out regulatory process
for herbs like marijuana
is anything but a money grab
by big companies.
How many marijuana overdoses
go to the hospital on the weekend?
I’ll tell you how many.
They just don’t.
People just curl up on the couch
and eat a packet of chips.
Vets in Australia can already legally
prescribe CBD to use on animals,
but the process is tedious.
They have to get permission from
one government agency to prescribe it
and then permission from another
government agency to import it.
I haven’t tried doing it, it seems
just impossible, it’s so difficult.
Instead, Edward works
within a legal grey area.
What I do is
I talk to people about it
and I say if you wish to use CBD
as a supplement for your animal
it might be helpful
but you’ll have to go and find it.
After doing their own research,
King and Maureen decided to go for
a cold-pressed THC substance,
which is illegal in Australia.
I suppose we were a bit apprehensive
about what to do
because it is illegal
and who to ask…
but in the end it was his life
against what was
likely to happen to us.
It took us…
It was a good learning curve.
It took us quite, oh, I suppose
six weeks to two months
before we picked up courage
to go over to Nimbin.
It’s a position
neither of them thought
they’d ever find themselves in.
It’s wrong that it should be
made illegal like it is
and that we should have to worry
about driving along the strip
with our supplies.
Although they don’t seem to think
that two oldies like us
would be picked up
but you never know.
Oh, no, it doesn’t stop us.
For as long as he’s alive
we’ll continue to supply him
with the medical marijuana, yes.

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