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How do you think that weed affects teens brain what really is a big effect on a teens brain?
One way that I would think of it would be as a placebo effect.
You know, they’d say like you said it earlier that it helps them concentrate
Perhaps it does perhaps it doesn’t but if it doesn’t they’re just believing. Oh, it’s helping me
but when in reality it suggests them actually getting their mindset to actually do it, but they’re using the weed as a Placebo.
And what I always hear and when I always try to debate over somebody over a weeds not good
It’s like “Oh weeds like, there’s no bad thing about it. There’s nothing bad. I can’t die over it.” That’s that’s always argue case
It’s amazing
Weed does a little bit more than a person knows or thinks but when you’re at a teen level you think you know it all
so you don’t pay attention to it.
Right? Right, right. You’re not as cautiousas people should be yeah..
and so over time those any goals you have probably deplenish.
So how do you guys think that weed can affect some of those goals?
You just start losing track of everything including that goal. And the more you lose track of it the more you smoke.
What about in school? Cuz you know, it’s it’s like, you know
Teenagers are really just like we’re expected to do so many things and school and grades and all this stuff
How do you think it affects like people being academically successful
I mean there is no stoner in the world that has straight A’s
I do know we all know that there are studies that show that a teens brain doesn’t really develop
Until they’re like at the age of 25, and I know that we think that it can really affect someone’s future
But do you guys think that these teens really care about it?
If you ask any teen the world do you want to be you know…
You want to be crazy when you grow up, they’re gonna say no we’re high
When you’re high, your goals are so far like college is so far when you’re not high
It’s gonna hit like it’s coming up right here at deadlines days
Paydays this is and this and this. So then they’ll get high again to just try to forget about it
And that’s what it will increase by dropout rates because oh I’m too stressed. I can’t think about college

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