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Abdullah.. Hey Abdullah..
I see!
Yes.. Marjina..
Where is Abdullah?
I haven’t seen him.. – I have been looking for..
..him since so long.. – We haven’t seen him..
It’s such a big house.. and so much of..
..mess all around.. get up, you all..
Have a drink..
No.. the begum saheba is very whimsical..
she might arrive today itself..
Let’s go.. let’s clean the house while having fun..
Let’s go.. – Let’s go.
“Sweep away all dirt.”
“Sweep away all dirt.”
“Whatever dirt is there in the house, sweep them all away.”
“And make the house beautiful.”
“No, no, Marjina.”
“No, no, Marjina.”
“You rather say..” – “What?”
“It’s so filthy all around.” “It’s so filthy all around.”
“Sweep away all dirt.”
“Whatever dirt is there in the house, sweep them all away.”
“And make the house beautiful.”
“No, no, Marjina.”
“No, no, Marjina.”
“You rather say..”
“It’s so filthy all around.”
“Sweep away all dirt.”
Sweep and clean all the dirt.
“The walls are dirty; the floors have muddy shoe prints on
“The dust makes the nose blocked.”
“The walls are dirty; the floors have muddy shoe prints on
“The dust makes the nose blocked.”
“The masters wear gorgeous clothes.”
“But their house is so dirty.”
“Alas! This is the situation of this age.”
“No, no, Marjina.”
“No, no, Marjina.”
“You rather say..”
“It’s so filthy all around.”
“It’s so filthy all around.”
“Sweep away all dirt.”
“The masters have lots of gold in their chests.”
“They are rich but their minds are filthy.”
“The masters have lots of gold in their chests.”
“They are rich but their minds are filthy.”
“The masters have smile on their lips..
..but they abuse people in their mind.”
“They are always planning to cheat people.”
“No, no, Marjina.”
“No, no, Marjina.”
“You rather say..”
“It’s so filthy all around.”
“It’s so filthy all around.”
“Sweep away all dirt.”
“Whatever dirt is there in the house, sweep them all away.”
“And make the house beautiful.”
“No, no, Marjina.”
“You rather say..”
“It’s so filthy all around.”
“It’s so filthy all around.”
“It’s so filthy all around.”
“It’s so filthy all around.”
Silence, everybody.. master Kashem has arrived..
Quiet, they’ve arrived!
Put the palanquins down.. slowly.. slowly.
Aren’t you Rafique? – Yes..
Didn’t you go to the forest?
You drunk! Swine!
He called me drunk.. I don’t care..
Shut up!
I had told you before not to drink so much..
I knew that something like this.. going to happen..
Shut up.. come with me.. I’ll make you eat shit today..
Bring him in..
Leave his mouth.. otherwise he’ll bite..
Leave me, I say! -Shut up!
Sit over here.. I’ll give you one tight slap.. huh.. go back to work..
I am tired.. I am hungry too..
I think he is hurt..
No at all.. rather master’s hand must have started aching..
He is so heavy..
..go.. you are summoned..
Go.. you are summoned now.. come..
Let’s go!
Marjina.. – Yes, master..
Bring me wine.. – Yes, master..
What do you want? – What do I do about Alibaba, master?
What’s the matter? – His forest was mortgaged to you..
..and today is the last day for him to pay back..
But he hasn’t paid back, right? So take possession of his
forest.. hey..
Why are you still standing here? – But Ali is your brother,
I don’t understand all that.. send soldiers and take
..of the forest today itself.. go..
“Come on my friend.”
“Come on my friend.”
“Come with your saws and axes.”
“Come with your wretched fate.”
“Come to the forest.”
“Come, let’s cut down the trees.”
“Come on my friend.”
“Come with your saws and axes.”
“Come with your wretched fate.”
“Come to the forest.”
“Come, let’s cut down the trees.”
“Let’s swing in the swing of life for few days.”
“The hopes and the despairs seem to be so deceitful.”
“Let’s swing in the swing of life for few days.”
“The hopes and the despairs seem to be so deceitful.”
“Now leave your anxiety behind and live in the moment.”
“Come on my friend.”
“Come with your saws and axes.”
“Come with your wretched fate.”
“Come to the forest.”
“Come, let’s cut down the trees.”
“We don’t care about our fate.”
“We don’t know what’s there in our future.”
“We don’t care about our fate.”
“We don’t know what’s there in our future.”
“We only have our axes, saws and two hands.”
“Let our days pass like this.”
“Come on my friend.”
“Come on my friend.”
“Come with your saws and axes.”
“Come with your wretched fate.”
“Come to the forest.”
“Come, let’s cut down the trees.”
Hey, stop cutting trees.. how dare you cut the trees of this
This is our master Kashem’s forest.. stop it.. stop it.
Hey, why are you taking away the timber? Keep it down..
Listen, from today onwards this is our master Kashem’s
Hey, move away..
You can’t do this to us..
Where do we go now?
Let’s go back home..
Yes, let’s go back..
I have heard that this forest belonged to you..
Yes.. – Then what?
It was mortgaged..
Yes.. and I lost it today.. o Allah..
Now what do we do, Ali?
You all go home..
Ali, where will you go?
Me? – Yes, where will you go?
I’ll go to the indigo forest.. – Indigo forest?
Yes.. to the indigo forest.. there is not a single grain at
What will we eat if I don’t cut timber?
Human beings don’t go there..
I have heard that human skulls lie all around.. – Yes..
Whoever goes there never returns home..
Yes.. no one returns home from there..
I’ll die in any case.. So, shall I die. You people go.
Come on, Badsha.. let’s go Begum..
Mother.. Mother..
what happened, mother?
Hasn’t father returned yet?
No.. he is never so late..
He’ll come back soon..
I think he has collected a lot of timber today..
Haven’t you brought timber today?
What are you saying?
Kashem’s men have snatched away all timber from us..
Won’t he let you cut trees?
No.. he has taken possession of the whole forest..
He has posted soldiers in the forest..
What are you saying?
Allah.. I can’t bear this anymore..
Mother why are you thinking so much?
I have sold my nose pin..
But this is still there..
No.. no.. I won’t let you sell this.. any cost.. you have to play this..
I won’t let you do this.. but pain will remain..
Eat this..
..where is your food?
I have kept my food aside.. you eat..
Begum, eat..
there is nothing else, dear..
..they didn’t even let us bring grass..
Come on.. eat.. I see.. Look Badshah.. your Begum is so
She won’t eat if you don’t eat.. okay
You eat first..
What happened to you now?
Well I understand.. you two won’t eat..
..if I don’t eat, right? Okay I am eating..
Look, I am eating. Isn’t it.
Begum.. come on.
What place is this Badshah..
..where have you brought me?
Will we be able to return live from here?
So you have again come to ask for loan, right?
We haven’t eaten anything since yesterday..
I’ll return you the money tomorrow..
I don’t give loans.. he may be my husbands brother..
But we don’t want to keep any relation with a wood-cutter..
It’s not boiled properly.. what is that?
Give me some.. open the lid.. give me one..
Give me one..
The right thing has happened with you.. you are so greedy..
It’s burning.. please puff in.. my mouth..
..all my pain has reduced..
Puff a little more..
O Allah.. get lost.. why will I puff in your mouth? You are
so bad..
It’s burning..
Abdullah.. – Yes..
You know Abdullah.. – Yes..
There is no food in Ali uncle’s house today..
Why? don’t they have timber? After all they are
But what will thy cook with the timber tell me.. your head?
Yes.. no.. shall I do one thing? – What?
Shall I send some food from here?
Even if you send some food from here, will that do? – Why?
People are all around.. they will come to know..
..if begum comes to know..
..then we both will be beaten badly..
What do we do then?
You think of something..
My good.. Iook at this.. this donkey has entered the
kitchen.. get out..
Get out, I say.. go, I say..
Hey, look at this. Chase him out.
Out. Out.
Throw him out!
Hey, look at this! He’s ruined everything!
Take him out!
Hold his reins..
Abdullah.. hey, Abdullah..
It’s eating up everything.. go away.. shoo.. shoo..
This must be Ali uncle’s donkey..
Not acceptable!
Not at all!
Hand it over to me.. Ali uncle is so careless..
Marjina.. take that out.. Hey what are you doing?
Ali uncle.. Ali uncle..
Rabeya aunty.. Rabeya aunty..
where has everybody gone?
Take this.. take this..
Take this..
Where did you get all these food? who gave you?
Who will give me?
So much of food? How did you bring them?
Why? Can’t I bring?
I see..
..because I am a servant?
Look at her. Did I say that?
Marjina, you always do good for us..
We don’t have anyone else other than you and Abdullah..
You know everything..
Don’t talk now.. you rather eat..
Open sesame.. open sesame.. open sesame..
I’ll go now, Rabeya aunty..
But Hasan didn’t come yet..
Where does he go everyday, leaving you alone?
Don’t ask me..
Why? What happened?
He went to mind some means to earn money..
I see.. how will he earn? By playing rabab?
I feel so ashamed to say.. he has gone to sell his rabab..
For how much money are you going to sell this?
Please tell me..
I want to buy
it.. are you going to sell it?
Then what?
I can’t go to sleep unless I hear your music..
Well.. weren’t you going to sell this?
I couldn’t sell this.. thinking of you, I couldn’t sell this
Do you think so much about this servant?
I play this rabab thinking of you.. and while I listen to
this rabab..
..I only think of you..
Marjina.. – Yes..
Tell me the truth, Marjina.. how much do you love me?
You are so close to me.. can’t you hear what my heart says?
I have to spend all my listening to rabab.. because I won’t
get you..
Why? I am already yours..
How is that possible?
Because I’ll marry you..
Servants can’t get married.. I am a servant after all..
Hey, please play it..
please play it for me..
Close sesame.. close sesame.. close sesame..
Open sesame..
Open sesame..
Open sesame..
I hope nobody will come.. no..
..who else will come?
oh no, there’s a lot here.
Hurry up!
Be quick.
Close sesame.. yes.
Close sesame..
Close sesame..
Close sesame..
Let’s go.
Where had you been to? Why are you so late?
You have brought so much of timber..
Have you cleared the whole forest?
Why are you hiding.. – Talk softly..
Why softly? What have you brought? I guess sandal wood..
Talk softly, I say..
I am talking to you.. why should I talk softly?
She is going to ruin everything.. haven’t I asked you to
talk softly?
Why should I talk softly? Why? we survive by bringing
..from the forest..
Shut up.. – We don’t steal or do robbery..
Will you shut up or not?
Even if it’s sandal wood why shall I say it softly..
It’s not timber.. gold coins..
Gold coins!
What did you say? Gold coins?
Yes.. – What is gold coins?
Talk softly.. otherwise people will come to know..
..and that’ll invite trouble? – What?
This is it.
So these are gold coins..
..We are so poor people..
How did gold coins come to us? Have you started doing
What a disaster!
Shut up.. if people come to know.. I’ll be prosecuted..
I can see that.. you were so honest.. and ultimately.. did robbery and brought home money..
No.. I haven’t done robbery.. Allah has given me..
While I was cutting trees in the forest, I have found them..
What are you saying? You got gold coins from inside the
Open sesame.. open sesame..
That’s not possible..
Yes.. – What?
Yes.. I m telling the truth..
O mother.. where are you? Where are you at this wonderful
Stop it..
You had struggled so much to bring me up..
You will kill me..
Mother.. mother, what happened to you?
Wait.. wait a little.. let’s keep all this carefully first..
Wait.. wait..
He is my Hasan..
Shut up.. Hasan.. Hasan.. if there is someone else with
..what will happen then..
Mother, open the door..
I want to see my Hasan right now..
Mother, what happened? Open the door..
What happened, Hasan? – What’s the matter, Hasan? What
What has happened to you, Hasan’s mother?
Why are you shouting?
My stomach is aching badly..
Stomach ache? But why?
Mother, why are you doing like this? what happened?
Hasan, you go inside..
Oh no!
Her stomach is aching.. it’s quite natural that she will
When did it happen? We didn’t understand anything..
She is suffering so much.. please give her some medicine..
Listen.. make a paste of chicken shit, tail of a lizard..
..and tobacco water and apply it on your stomach..
No.. no.. make a smooth paste of goat’s beard in mortar and
..and gulp it down in one go..
Call a nurse first.. after all she is too old to give birth
to a child..
I can’t bear it.. Ali went to the forest to bring timbre
..he didn’t get anything.. can you lend me some rice?
Rice? Where will we get? I am starving myself..
You shouldn’t eat anything while you are having a stomach
I have told you already.. eat goat’s beard..
..that’ll do lot good to you..
Ouch.. my stomach is also aching.. let’s go home..
Go inside and lie down on bed.. since you are having such a
..stomach ache then you must go and take rest.
Hey, close the door.. have they gone?
Yes.. they all have gone away.. I won’t shout anymore.. I
Hasan, go and get a spade..
Spade? What will you do with a spade?
Why are you shouting? What will you do with a spade?
Can’t you talk softly? – Shut up..
Come on..
Pour them in the hole.. it’s almost dawn.. hurry up..
Or someone will see us..
Wait.. let me keep an account first..
Put those pots in the hole.. and those gold coins..
I’ll count them first..
Can you count so many coins?
Then I’ll weigh them..
Marjina.. Marjina.. come this side..
What happened?
Can you give me a weighing pot?
Weighing pot? – Yes..
What will you do with a weighing pot so early in the
Marjina, who is calling so early in the morning?
It’s me.. can you give me a weighing pot?
Weighing pot? – Yes..
What will you weigh? Are you going to weigh timber with a
weighing pot?
I’ll weigh wheat..
Wheat? – Yes, wheat..
So one can get wheat in the forest these days!
Everything is possible.. you can get everything in this
You can get rice.. you can get wheat..
Even you can get big gold coins.. no..
I don’t want a weighing pot any more..
Why? Take it..
No.. I mean..
Take it..
What happened, Rabeya aunty?
Miracle has happened..
Take it..
120.. – Yes..
Now place the lid on the pots.. one more pot left..
Now pull it properly..
Now cover the hole with earth..
Go and return the weighing pot.. do it properly..
Now listen carefully.. I was cutting trees in the forest..
Suddenly I saw a group of men coming towards me on horse
Really? – Yes..
Then what? – I got afraid.. I climbed up a tree.. from there I saw that..
..the group on horse back stopped in front of a huge cave..
All of them got down from the horse back.. yes..
Then one of them said open sesame..
And immediately the door of the cave..
..slide to both the sides and opened..
What is this?
This is a gold coin.. – Yes, gold coin..
This gold coin is from Teheran..
This is very expensive..
Yes, Ali has got lots of gold coins.. your brother..
Ali? From where will Ali get gold coins?
He has already got them.. and weighed them with this
weighing pot..
How did you come to know?
I had smeared gum at the bottom of this pot..
Are you telling the truth?
Come this side..
Listen.. something great has happened..
Has to happen.. great things has to happen when you’ll be
Abdullah, it’s not the time for joke..
You know Abdullah.. – What?
Ali uncle has got lots of gold coins.. lots and lots of
And weighed them with weighing pot.. – What did he get?
Gold coins.. he has got gold coins..
What are they made of? Gold or cow dung?
No, Abdullah.. not only gold coins.. he has got gold coins
of Teheran..
Our master, Kashem, also came to know about it..
If everything is true then it’s very dangerous..
Even if it’s not true, it’s equally dangerous..
What do you mean? – Then they will starve to death..
What will happen then?
Shall I really say? if Ali has really got gold coins then..
Then what?
Then they should leave this place and go somewhere tonight
Otherwise master Kashem will eat them up alive..
Abdullah.. – Yes..
Let’s go and see what’s the matter..
Let’s go..
Wow! -Eat!
Take more.
Eat well.
It’s very delicious.
Eat, eat.
My stomach is full already.
There’s more to come.
Marjina.. Marjina..
Marjina.. Marjina.. I can’t bear it anymore..
..just feel my heart..
What has happened to you?
We are poor people.. I can’t hide things for long..
I am feeling uneasy since I am not being able to say
Will you keep on fussing or will you tell me what has
O Marjina.. wait.. Marjina.. we have got lots of money..
We have got lots of gold coins..
What has happened to you? Have you gone mad?
Aren’t there people around? ‘We have got gold coins’..
It’s not hidden that you have got gold coins..
Has everybody come to know?
Why not? You have weighed gold coins with weighing pot..
And our malicious begum saheba had smeared gum.. the bottom of the pot.. do you know that?
Okay. We’ll tell the truth.. Ali has got them from the
‘Got them from the forest’! Will any body believe you?
The coins have showered from the heaven, right?
They were hanging from the tree.. Badshah’s men will arrest
you all..
..accusing you of being robbers..
How will Badshah come to know..
Kashem has come to know.. you have to be careful..
If master Kashem asks..
Ali, are you at home?
Please come. Welcome!
Wow, looks like a feast is going on.
I’ve just invited a few poor people.
Shouldn’t I visit you without an invite?
You’re my brother.
We’re born from the same mother.
Isn’t it?
..see we are so fortunate.. Kashem has come to our place..
What are you doing here?
I have come to take fire wood..
There is feast at home.. go..
Why are you standing here? Come inside..
Come, come.
Did you understand anything?
Yes, Kashem sahib..
He must have got the smell and came here You are right.
He is jealous he can’t tolerate that we are eating good food
one day..
He must be having some plans.. he had whipped us the other
day.. he has come to show his love..
Very good.. very good.. what is this?
Please sit down. -It’s ok.
Please sit down..
Very good..
Will you eat something?
Yes.. the food is smelling good..
Rabeya, go and quickly bring some food for him..
Let it be..
I hope you didn’t mind.. – Not at all..
You can see that they all are poor like me..
You are also a rich man now..
No.. no..
Listen, I have arranged for a fest this evening at my
I see.. The ministers are coming.. you also come..
Listen, I have a feast at my place today evening.
The ministers are also coming.
You must attend. I’ll get you introduced to them..
Me? – Yes..
Why won’t you come?
Yes, of course I’ll go.. after all you yourself have come to
So I’ll definitely go.. – Okay, so I’ll take a leave now..
Okay.. – I liked everything..
So it’s fixed then..
She has arrived.. take him straight to the other room..
Hey, brother Ali.. come.. come inside..
Come.. come.. was waiting for you only..
Has no one come yet?
Everyone will arrive in a while..
I have come to your house after so long..
This is your house only.. you have only forgotten us..
No.. no.. what are you saying?
Come with me.
Now tell me, where did you get these gold coins from?
Where did you get these gold coins from?
Speak out.. where did you get this from? Speak out..
Gold coins? – Yes, gold coins.. were a wood cutter.. where did you get this..
..thousand years old gold coins from Tehran over night? Tell
I got them in the forest..
Do you think I am a fool? Gold coins are found in forest
these days!
They hang from the trees, right.. stop fooling me and tell
the truth..
Where did you get these gold coins from?
I found them lying on the ground..
Found them? You liar.. you cheat..
I’ll kill you.. tell me the truth..
Tell me, where did you get them from?
I found them in the forest..
You found them in the forest? – No..
Tell me.. – I will tell you..
Tell me.. – I will tell you..
Wait.. I’ll tell you.. – Tell me..
I’ll tell you.. I went to the forest to cut trees..
There I was standing in front of a hill.. a group of robbers
..and stopped in front of the hill.. the leader said, ‘open
‘open sesame’..
Open sesame..
Open sesame..
Open sesame..
Open sesame..
Close sesame..
Close sesame..
Close sesame..
Gold coins from Tehran!
So much!
I’ll take it all away!
I’ll buyout the whole world!
It’s all mine!
I’ll be..
I’ll be the emperor of the world!
Why are you thinking so much? All the emperors and their
..are the actual donkeys of this world.. very good..
..make sound of your anklets.. very good..
This is enough for today.
1.. 2.. 3.. 4..
2.. 3..
I have taken enough.. I shouldn’t take more..
Too much of greed is not good..
Now I should go straight to home..
Straight to home..
not any more.. now straight to home..
What is the code to open the door.. open what? I remember
How can I forget? My brother has taught me himself..
But what?
But what was the word?
Open khai khai..
Open khai khai..
Open khai khai..
Open khai khai..
Open slowly.. no.
What was that word?
What.. khai..
Khal, open up!
Open up! Open!
Open.. come on.
Open fast.. open fast.
Open.. open!
What do I do now?
I am feeling suffocated without breath now.
How do I get out of here now?
Allah, please be merciful to me..
I won’t lie from now on..
open.. potato..
open all vegetables!
Open up!
Marjina, where is your master, Kashem?
Marjina, where is your master, Kashem? What a disaster?
What will happen now, Marjina? Do you know where is the
indigo forest?
No one knows except Ali..
Oh! Ali uncle? You go inside, begum saheba..
we’ll go to Ali uncle right away.
Let’s go Abdullah.. let’s go and call Ali uncle.. go inside, begum saheba.. I’ll bring him right away..
I’ll bring him right away.
Now I know what were this husband and wife doing so late at
So you could understand? – Yes..
I could see myself.. kash..
I saw that our master, Kashem..
..went out silently on horse back.. and his wife Zubeida was
Instantly I understood that ‘open sesame’..
That’s why it’s said that too much of greed brings death..
Actually you know what? They were jealous..
Ali uncle got so much of money overnight..
they couldn’t tolerate that.. – Yes..
Abdullah.. – Yes..
Can you assume what has happened? Is he alive?
Why not?
Allah! – Begum saheba.. hold her.. begum saheba..
..take these sacks in the room down stairs..
See to it that no one comes to know.
It’s a disaster..
the robbers will now..
..look for the dead body like wild dogs..
If they come to know then they will kill everybody of this
What to do now?
Bury the dead body..
How can we bury a dead body which is cut into 4 parts?
Abdullah, can’t we join it by sewing?
Sewing a dead body? – Why can’t it be done?
Who will do that? Is there any man whom we can trust?
Yes.. there is one.. I know someone.. wait..
But Marjina.. no one should come to know..
And yes.. bring the man after it’s dark..
Baba Mustafa..
I want to roll down in your place..
What are you doing, girl? In this shoe shop?
What has happened to you?
I am feeling a burning sensation in my body..
I think you have eaten excess Siraji..
Are you in love with someone?
Baba Mustafa, can you read minds? You have said right..
Haven’t I said right?
Baba Mustafa.. – Yes..
I will cry now..
What are you doing pretty girl? People will come to know..
I will be ruined.. calm down, girl.. calm down..
Then do something for me.. – Tell me what?
Give me medicine..
Shall I give you medicine?
Your face is beautiful.. your cheeks are so soft..
Your eyes are watery.. what medicine should I give you?
Baba Mustafa, can you join torn lives?
I am sorry, pretty girl.. I can’t do that much..
..but I can definitely join torn bodies..
Then take your advance..
O Allah.. gold coin?
I’ll die, princess.. I am a poor man..
The emperors soldiers will arrest me..
Why will they arrest you? Am I asking you to kill anyone,
baba Mustafa?
Baba Mustafa, can I kill you with these hands?
Tell me, can I kill you?
No.. no.. you can’t do that, girl..
You are very sweet.. I feel like.. – Yes?
Marrying you..
O Allah, do I have a fate like that? Pretty girl.. – Yes..
Why are you giving me temptations?
I am giving you temptations and will fulfil that too.. come
with me..
Do I really have to go?
Won’t you marry me?
Come with me.. – Yes.. coming..
Yes.. coming.. – Get up.. get up, I say..
What are you doing? What are you doing, pretty girl? It’s a
People will come to know.. I am coming..
Get up.. – Let’s go..
..o Allah.. Bismillah.. let’s go..
I can’t walk anymore.
How far should we walk, baby?
What are you doing, girl?
Rest of the path.. – Yes..
I am.. – Yes..
..going to.. – Yes?
..tie your eyes and take you..
But you haven’t said this before..
Baba Mustafa.. – Pretty girl..
When my work will be done.. – Yes..
I’ll give you 2 more gold coins.. – What?
I’ll give you 2 more gold coins..
More gold coins? Let’s go then.. – Come with me..
How far should I walk more?
I shall die.. I shall die!
Pretty girl..
How far should I walk, pretty girl?
We have reached, baba Mustafa..
You hadn’t told me before that I’ll have to walk so much,
pretty girl..
We have reached, baba Mustafa.. – Pretty girl..
Come baba Mustafa..
This place seems like a house..
No, baba Mustafa..
Well.. pretty girl..
Come, baba.
Pretty girl.. pretty girl..
Come.. come..
Oh god!
Oh god!
Why did she take him tying his eyes?
So that the old man doesn’t come to know where he has come..
I see..
How long shall I tolerate this? How can the dead body
..from the cave? Are ghosts doing this? Definitely the
culprit is..
..someone with in you.. I’ll burry.. all alive..
Soldier. – Yes, sir.
Post people in the market.
Definitely the person who has stolen..
..the gold coins will come to sell them..
Place our people everywhere.. jeweler’s shop.. grocer’s
I want to know by tonight.. go.. – Yes, leader..
And listen.. mark the person’s House, I’ll do the rest..
Yes, leader?
Do one thing.. Mark the person’s house with this..
Okay, leader.. – Go now..
Please open my eyes, pretty girl..
Of course I’ll do that, baba Mustafa.. hold my hand.. hold
Baba Mustafa.. – Yes, pretty girl..
Don’t you like holding my hands, baba Mustafa?
Your hands are like butter.. so soft!
Give me the rest of the gold coins..
O Allah..
..I can see that he hasn’t forgotten about the gold coins..
Give me.. – Take it..
Give me..
Hold it.. no.. no.. see that later, baba Mustafa..
I am not running away, baba Mustafa.. – No, pretty girl..
I’ll stay with you from now onwards.. – Of course..
I am yours from now on, baba Mustafa..
Of course.. let’s go.. pretty girl..
Oh, you are not understanding.. how is that possible?
I can’t tolerate it anymore.. it’s such a big palace..
It seems that the palace will swallow me..
I can’t stay there even for a day..
I can’t sleep properly even at nights..
..whom else can I say other than you?
Come to my palace, brother Ali..
leave this hut let’s all of us live together..
People will say wrong things..
..they will say that I am taking possession..
..of my brother’s property as soon as he died..
Why will people say that?
That is your father’s house.. it was our fault..
We had driven you out of that house.. I am suffering the consequences.
Don’t say all that, sister..
If you don’t go then I’ll also stay at..
..your place.. I won’t enter that house..
Won’t you let me stay at your house? Will you drive me out?
No.. please don’t say that..
Latif.. brother Ali is coming.. clean the room on the first
And yes.. let them to get the snacks ready.. – Okay, begum
Come.. come along.. from today onwards everyone..
..will stay together in this house.. hey why are you
standing here?
Bring their stuff.. Look here.. I have brought all of them..
What are you saying? – What?
Did you bring them or did I?
You say Rabeya aunty, who brought you here? Tell me..
..who brought you here? Tell begum saheba..
It’s good that we all can stay together once again..
In a way it’s good that our master Kashem died..
I men to say that we got these two donkeys..
Don’t call them donkeys.. they will become very angry..
They are Badshah and Begum..
All the same.. one Badshah went away and one came again..
Hey? – What?
What nonsense are you talking? – What did I say?
Let’s go.. – Let’s go..
Let’s go.. – Let’s go..
What happened Badshah? Come along.. this is our house only..
Since they are donkeys they don’t understand that brothers
Come. Let’s go inside..
“The veena plays.”
“The veena plays thum na thum na na na thum na na na.”
“The veena plays thum na thum na na na thum na na na.”
“The veena plays thum na thum na na na thum na na na.”
“The veena plays.”
“The strings of your love are tuned in the right note.”
“I have played it time and again.”
“Don’t forget that music; don’t forget it ever.”
“Do ti la, fa la so, la so re, fa me re do.. do”
“The veena plays.”
“The veena plays.”
“The same river flows in both the banks.”
“But still both the banks are not same.”
“Similarly a river of love flows between you..
..and me all day and night.”
“We are standing on both the banks; only two of us.”
“The veena plays.”
“The veena plays.”
Is my product ready? – Yes..
Where have you kept them?
I have kept them there only..
Take it..
If I don’t like, I’ll return it.. – Yes, we can see that
Now he will spoil my business.. he’ll drive away all my
Greetings.. – Greetings..
Greetings.. – What do you need now..
I have some important business with you..
Are you going to get married at this old age?
Of course I am doing?
What’s that to you? Make some ornaments out of it..
Gold coin? – Yes.. gold coin..
This is a gold coin from Tehran!
Where did you say? – Tehran..
Tehran? Gold coin from Tehran? O Allah..
Come with me.. but I had promised her..
..from here I’ll walk closing my eyes..
Hold my hand.. hold it.. now let’s go..
Hey old man, are you sure?
How can it be wrong? Even if my eyes were covered, I had
counted.. many steps I had walked.. but you have to give me
the.. coins that you have promised..
..hold my hand tightly
Now give me the gold coins..
Show us the house first..
Give me the gold coins first.. – Take it..
That is the house..
She had taken me to that house..
Are you telling the truth?
Can I say the wrong thing?
Come with me.. – What happened?
After all you have given me 5 gold coins..
I think I haven’t done..
..the right thing.. after all I had promised..
Well done.. you promised for 3 gold..
..coins and broke it for 5 gold coins..
O Allah please forgive me.. I have broken my promise..
But my father had said that one can..
..tolerate everything if one has money..
Hurry up.. let’s walk fast..
Abdullah.. – Yes?
Did you understand? – What?
Can you do one thing?
What? Tell me..
Listen.. – Yes..
You scoundrel! Bunch of worthless has joined my group..
I will teach you all a good lesson.. why didn’t the cobbler
come there?
Where does that cobbler stay? Can you recognise that
cobbler’s house?
He is the one who had put the cross mark on all the houses?
Will you be able to recognise? – Of course, I will, leader..
Come with me.. definitely that cobbler has done this..
I’ll see how great player he is! How dare..
..he fool me? Nadir.. – Yes, leader..
Usman.. come with me..
O Allah..
Baba Mustafa..
Who is calling me?
..come in, pretty woman.. come in..
..that’s what I was wondering..
..who else can have such a sweet voice?
My age reduces by 20 years as you call me..
That’s wonderful.. now you and I are of the same age..
Where were you hiding, pretty lady?
Inside your heart..
What are you saying? Am I dreaming?
It’s hurting..
But you said that you are dreaming..
No.. why dream.. a fairy made of flesh..
..and blood is sitting in front of me..
Now give me your orders.. do I have to sew another dead
No.. this time you’ll have to sew a mind..
What is that?
Have you forgotten? Won’t you marry me?
Pinch me once more.. – But why?
I think I am again dreaming..
oh, you’ll kill me this way..
Now tell me what is your order?
You have to come with me..
Where? – To my house..
Are you telling the truth? – Yes..
Are you joking with me?
So you are not believing me.. okay you don’t have to go..
I am going.. – No.. no.. it’s my mistake..
I didn’t intend to say that..
You rather cut my tongue, pretty lady..
Then come with me.. – Okay.. let’s go..
I am even ready to go to hell with you..
You have fussed a lot.. come now..
Let’s go.. why are you in such a hurry? If I fall down..
..I’ll break my back and legs.. what will happen then?
I am in a trouble.. so I have come to you to ask for help..
I am a businessman.. – I see..
My name is Kajia Hussein.. I was going to Khorasan to sell
But it became dark on the way..
You can definitely take rest in my humble house..
May Allah protect you..
..every one in the market were talking..
..about you and your hospitality..
Latif, take the horses inside..
and this barrels contain oil.. keep them safely..
Okay, master.. – Come on.
Come with me..
Come with me.. come..
Put them down..
They are so heavy..
Hey Latif, what are all these?
A businessman has come for shelter..
he is the guest of Master Ali.. – I see..
These oil barrels belong to him..
Oil? – Yes..
I see.. take them inside..
C’mon, go ahead.
Who is he? – He is my brother..
Do you know my brother?
No.. I don’t exactly know him but I have seen him.. – I
He was a rich man.. – Yes..
Your servant is very beautiful..
She dances very well.. if you want, it’ll be a pleasure..
Of course.. why not?
Marjina.. – Yes, master..
So let’s have a song and dance session..
Okay, master.. – We can have dinner then..
I have a request to make.. – Please tell me..
I am having some medicine these days.. I am prohibited to
have salt..
I see.. don’t worry.. all arrangements will be done..
Marjina.. – Yes, master..
Tell in the kitchen so that they don’t put salt in food..
Which way is the stable?
This way..
I’ll just go and check whether my things are kept properly..
– Okay..
Hey, add some more salt in the kofta..
Listen.. food should be cooked with pout salt.. – What?
Food should be cooked with pout salt..
Food without salt? How will that be possible?
I have heard that if enemies come at home they don’t eat
salt.. that they won’t be called betrayers..
Food without salt?
What’s that to you?
No.. nothing..
He told me that he is having some kind of medicine..
The doctor has prohibited him from having salt..
Now cook everything once again.. hey, listen..
Do one thing.. are you listening? – Yes..
Fry everything..
But the oil is exhausted.. what do I do now?
Now the shops are also closed.. where do I get oil now?
I’ll make him eat his own oil..
Usman.. – Leader, I am Nadir..
We have come to the right house..
I have seen the photograph of that scoundrel..
Okay, leader..
Listen.. there will be a song and dance session.. in between
..pretend to become drunk and shout, ‘wonderful’..
You all should enter the dance room immediately.. do you
Yes, leader..
You should get out first.. then get everybody else out..
don’t be late..
Okay, leader..
What happened, Badshah?
Are you hungry?
Why are you so late? What happened? – Keep quiet..
What’s there inside these barrels.. animals or human beings?
Human beings..
Is there any problem?
No, leader..
Is everything all right?
Yes, leader..
What? – O Allah..
What happened?
Did you understand anything?
What? – Kajia..
That Kajia is the leader of the robbers..
What a disaster!
40 robbers in 40 barrels!
Since when are you doing this business of oil?
Since a long time..
Be on guard.. see that no one comes..
Pour it now.. – Pick it up..
Pick it up.. – Pour, I say..
Mix it now.. hey, pour it in that too..
Keep on stirring..
Is it boiling? – Yes, it is..
Take it down from the oven.. – Take it down..
Marjina.. Marjina..
Start shouting..
Help me!
Save me!
Save me.. help..
You had said that there will be a music and dance session..
Yes, of course.. they are coming..
Are you feeling sleepy?
Sleepy? No..
“Alas! I am dying.”
“His sight pierces my heart as if it’s thorn.”
“It seems as if he is dressed in attire made of fire.”
“What do I do?”
“I keep on thinking.”
“It seems that my youth will go in vain.”
“Alas! I am dying.”
“I am asking my fate in vain.”
“And that’s like a puzzle.”
“I myself don’t understand what will happen and what will
“I am asking my fate in vain.”
“And that’s like a puzzle.”
“I myself don’t understand what will happen and what will
“He sends me signals through his eyes.”
“Alas! My heart burns and cries with pain.”
“It cries all life long.”
“But still my crazy mind doesn’t learn a thing.”
“Alas! I am dying.”
“Whoever has a passionate heart..”
“Wealth has no value to that human being.”
“Gold, or diamonds, or rubies or..
..pearls are all same to that human being.”
“Whoever has a passionate heart..”
“Wealth has no value to that human being.”
“Gold, or diamonds, or rubies or..
..pearls are all same to that human being.”
“But still at times this heart falls in trap of greed.”
“And comes in disguise to attack.”
“And snatches away everything.”
“Alas! I am dying.”
“His sight pierces my heart as if it’s thorn.”
Wonderful! Wonderful!
Wonderful! Wonderful!
Wonderful! Wonderful!
Wonderful! Wonderful!
He is my guest.. and you killed him, Marjina?
He is a leader of robbers..
..he had come to kill you, master.. Iook at this..
You have saved all of our lives today..
My daughter..
From today onwards you are no more our servant.. you are..
From today onward you are my daughter-in-law..
Wonderful! Wonderful!
Yes, master..
From today onwards you are no more a servant.. you are my
Wonderful! Wonderful!
What happened?
Do you want to go?
There are lots of diamonds and precious stones.. and..
I know the cave.. say with me.. open sesame.

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