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[Music]yo what’s up is Phillippe’s here and
today we’re gonna talk about this when
it comes making music then in the
Mohammed episode of uses of the pulse
code modulations been abusive today and
remember to wait until the end of this
video because I have something special
for you but don’t skip and that’s if
things clear before we start this is
based only on my personal experience and
what I saw among called my friends and
people I’ve been working with and I know
this might offend a lot of you but I
have to say it wit is a drug according
to this definition drug is any substance
that changes your organized physiology
or psychology when it’s consumed so
without any doubt wheat is a truck we’re
not going to talk about politics
prohibition and legalization which I
strongly support by the way we’re going
to focus how we effects our music
abilities let’s start it focus a lot of
weed smokers used to say that they can
focus much better on what they doing in
this moment as they are stung it’s just
us there is only computer screen for
them and they are making a beat that
there is nothing besides it except the
but in reality I don’t think that’s kind
of focused at so which puts you into as
you are stoned is what you really need
hold up man I get the best focus ever
when I’m smoking the shit so how can you
say that this isn’t the kind of focus
that it really matters the kind of focus
that we need of course which makes you
much more focused because it makes you
process everything longer you think
about things you wouldn’t be necessarily
thinking as you are sober for example
you are browsing for the snare sounds
you’re starting to dig into the
structure of the sound and you’ve been
choosing the snare for like 10 minutes I
know this depends a lot of the strain
you are smoking whether it’s indica or
sativa but I think the THC makes the
choice harder so this means there is
less focus as you are high on weed so I
think that weight is good for
experimenting looking for inspiration
browsing for sounds and you know stuff
like that but
you’re going to do much more focused
work it’s not going to help you next
thing is your creativity
dude liked it so much it dia system hi
just see what I came up with today as I
was trying to make my music when I was
high in the past I thought I have like
special abilities and to open mind and
you know further I okay just kidding but
what I did I subordinated my music
making abilities to the week so in the
result I thought I am a better producer
rapper and musician as I’m high so if
you think you’re sober music is not as
good as the one you making quite high I
think you should start looking at your
music as at something that’s good that’s
who take your time in I’m not saying you
should perceive it as perfect the reason
I am making music is of course I’m
expressing myself I’m learning new
things and I can share my thoughts with
you guy came in I get it get a I know I
smoke a lot when I’m making music but it
makes the sound so powerful it’s like
it’s everywhere it’s touching my hearts
and my lungs and my eyeballs and my
peepee peepee and you can say anything
but listening to good music while high
is one of the best experiences you can
imagine that was personally the biggest
reason why I smoked weed and made music
our hearing is a part of our nervous
system and as we smoke we perceive the
sounds much more fuller much more
colorful you know much more inspiring in
general I would say that you can
experience the sound much more but you
can’t really focus on the details in the
sound it’s like looking at clouds you
look at this one you say this looks like
an elephant this looks like a diamond as
you are making music mixing or doing
anything like that
you focus on the this exact cloud this
cloud that looks like a guitar or like
the sin or like the snare or the high
end you know what I’m talking about so I
think there’s nothing wrong with
listening to music while high but
remember that listening to the music
when you’re sober can also be a great
experience and it should give you
pleasure even if you are sober when you
are high you can’t really trust your
ears when it comes to the details in the
mix or in the sound choice okay man I
understand all of this but I don’t get
as much frustrated and tense my workflow
so smooth you know like there is
everything going like I wanted if I had
to count all my projects I started by I
was high and which I didn’t finish I
would have to bring all my friends to my
studio to represent that number with
their fingers I think you should rely on
yourself at first it should be no
substance that you need to make music I
mean if you can’t make music without
something I mean if you can’t make music
without smoking I think you should
consider if everything is ok I
personally got a lot of frustration as I
was making music in the past as I was
writing my lyrics
I was publishing my beads as I was
making them but you should figure out
but you should figure out yourself why
you have to be your own source of
confidence and inspiration so I think my
conclusion is that with these goods as
you are playing jamming or doing
something that isn’t working as you are
about to be consistent you can’t war
while you’re stoned this makes you
distract but if you’re about to do a
consistent focused work this isn’t the
best solution but remember you have to
choose for yourself so what are your
thoughts guys do you make music where
you’re high or you prefer to be sober
leave your answers in the comment
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there’s going to be a lot of
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going to make some tutorials how to mix
your beats and mix your vocals and stuff
how to record your vocals at home how to
set up your home studio on a budget how
to make your own samples and a lot of
more interesting things and don’t forget
to send me the songs you’ve made with
the beats because I’d like to hear them
so see you next week guys and keep the
good vibes alive

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13 thoughts to How To Grow Marijuana Commercially Legally Want This For Free? At 21:28

  1. often when Im high I cant get the volume mix well. If I for example setting the snare my mind closes with only that snare, I can't hear it well in relation to the whole beat. I don't know if it's an accident but you're talking about it in 4:20 lol 😅
    Anyway I like get high and open FL… thats the time for me… playing with music, I dont care if it will be a beat from it.
    I would say: when Im high Im just playing with music, when Im sober I make music.
    I agree with almost everything You say in video but I really dont like call weed a drug, I know it is, but …😅👊💪

  2. Ciekawy materiał, z moich osobistych doświadczeń wiem że początkowe fazy bitu jak zaczynam od jakieś progresji akordowej, potem melodia potem wybór stopy dół i na środek i ich połączenia w jedno, snare itd. robię zawsze na trzeźwo bo to istotne elementy a ja sam lubię pracować powoli i dokładnie. Ale jak już mam aranżacje, wstępne eq i takie tam gotowe i czas urozmaicić bit jakimś reverbem, saturacją itp. to wtedy lubię dać się ponieść fazie i lekką ręką na nowej wersji wprowadzić dane efekty(bo na trzeźwo medytuje nad tym jakby od tego miało zależeć życie mojego kota xD) a potem na trzeźwo dopinam detale i jest cacy. Jeszcze raz dziena za materiał bo fajnie posłuchać tego jak do tego podchodzą inne osoby 😉

  3. Ciekawy materiał, warty rozkminy. Osobiście sądzę, że warto tworzyć na trzeźwo, bo lepiej skupisz się na temacie, lepiej go dopracujesz, ale stworzenie czegoś na fazie to ciekawe doświadczenie i nie da się ukryć, że na fazie uwalniasz się od pewnych ram, nie myślisz, czy dany tekst będzie poprawny dla tego, czy tego. Po prostu robisz coś co zajebiście czujesz. Pozdro!