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Cannabis Stocks on Fire. Analyzing Some Pot Stock Charts — with David Moadel
hey everybody welcome to looking at the
markets with David Modell before I get
to the pot stock charts just want to
show you a couple of articles that
really are bringing home a couple of
important lessons for marijuana stock
investors this is from Barron’s magazine
it’s from February 24 so this was a
little while ago and it says marijuana
stocks are plunging alright so this was
during a time when they were going down
then it says downgrades aren’t helping
what do we mean by downgrades we’re
talking about analysts talking a lot of
trash about cannabis stocks so all of
the not all but a lot of the big bank
analysts piled on this was after pot
stocks went down and they all downgraded
they all lowered their price targets
they downgraded their ratings to
underperform or underweight or whatever
they want to call it and ever since then
pot stocks have been going up almost all
of them I mean just look at the price
action today I’m gonna show you some
charts in a moment and we’re looking at
marijuana stocks up ten percent or more
in a day alright so if you listen to
these analysts analysts will downgrade
first of all they they hate most of them
hate pot stocks anyway they don’t like
them big banks are not going to
recommend marijuana stocks you’re not
gonna walk into a Wells Fargo or Bank of
America and hand your hard-earned money
over to a money manager there and have
them invested in marijuana stocks there
they’re just not going to do it at least
in my experience I may be you know one
that will do it but I’ve never met a
fund manager at a big bank that’s going
to put your money into pot stocks
they’re going to put it into you know
S&P or Dow kinds of stocks Nasdaq kinds
of stocks
they’ll probably also buy some bonds
which right now the ten-year pays less
than 1% per year so I don’t know what
you know what why they would do that
really but that’s what they do because
that’s what they’re trained to do
they’re not going to put it into pot
stocks and the
gonna tell you to sell right at the
bottom okay and then after today they’re
probably going to tell you to buy
because it went up but you should have
bought when it was down all right so
that’s my little rant on that and then
as this is also from barons and states
legalized pot more seniors are indulging
in the habit if any of you watching out
there right now if you’re a senior I
want to give you kudos for having an
open mind and watching this video I
think that’s awesome that you’re even
considering possibly investing in
something that big bankers don’t want
you to invest in in the four years
ending in 2018 the share of seniors who
acknowledged pot use soared by 75% I
mean that’s huge and the the number is
probably more than that now
because that was a couple years ago so
or a little bit over a year ago it’s
probably even higher than that now so I
think that’s really interesting and
really bullish for pot stocks just
generally because the seniors make up a
large demographic it’s it’s a huge part
of the population and growing so you
know that’s that’s pretty bullish and
look look at what it’s doing the stocks
just today alone we might have a bottom
here I mean Chronos group up over a
little bit over 10% right now let’s look
at some of my other favorites I’ll just
look at the big ones today
canopy growth corp I mean that’s now
they’re up three percent today which is
you have to keep in mind this is a big
big company so they’re not necessarily
going to go up as much as some of the
other names I’m going to mention today
but it’s up and I still like this
company I really do I like the way it’s
just bouncing off off of the 30 level on
the RSI so that’s that’s a good sign to
me because it seems like you know it
pretty consistently bounces off of that
30 or it might go below it but not for
very long
so that’s a good sign so but I mentioned
that some of these smaller companies
have just gone up big time
like heck so for example 12% up today so
when you consider smaller companies they
have the potential to go up a lot more
than the big companies no guarantee of
course I mean they could also go down
faster as well but look at that bounced
right off of the 30 RSI all right and
it’s it just keeps on doing that so
that’s a good sign
yeah I like all these companies I’m
mentioning today I like some better than
others but you know if you don’t have a
ton of money and you want to get in at
something that has a small price hexo is
not a bad idea I mean it’s only a dollar
twenty-five dollar 26 right now so
that’s something to consider but if you
want some of the bigger names you know
you got your canopy growth Corp I
mentioned before √°free√°
again just just the way it keeps
bouncing off of that 30 level and the
RSI that’s that’s pretty encouraging I
would say and so this one and actually
this is a big company and the stock is
only the American version is only three
dollars and sixty cents per share I
think that’s that’s pretty affordable
for most people we’re gonna look at ACB
or our cannabis and again bouncing right
off of the 30 over and over and over
sometimes it dips below it but not for
that long really and this this is a
dollar forty dollar forty one I mean
that’s that’s pretty affordable for for
most people I would think if you want to
get into the ETF’s you could look at MJ
there are two that I like to use over
and over
MJ 14 dollars and change per per share
and it’s doing quite well today it’s up
four percent I mean for an ETF for a
whole basket of stocks to be up four
percent in one day that means the whole
sector is doing great and then H M LS f
that’s the American version of the
horizons marijuana stock ETF they’re
five dollars and 53 cents or 54 cents
pretty affordable for an ETF and this
ETF is up four point 65 percent right
now so that’s again for an ETF that’s
pretty huge if you want the Canadian
version this is hmm
J American version HM LSF so those are
some that I’m really looking at today
they’re all looking pretty darn good if
you want to mention some of your
favorites in the comments below that
would be great and if you’d like some
help with trading or investing I help
people to put together plans for their
trading and they’re investing whether
it’s pot stocks or and or pretty much
any other type of stock you can email me
for the coaching at David Modell at hey thanks a lot I appreciate
it and have an amazing day

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3 thoughts to How To Grow Cannabis App Get More Info Here At 22:28

  1. Excellent video Dave! I'm very bullish on this market too! I added that IIPR REIT to my M1 yesterday I did a swing trade on OGI for aroun 4-5% and today I added a small position in ACB at $1.35. Great video I like CGC too!

  2. If you think about Colorado and what it's done in the MJ sector it's ridiculous. These pot stocks are going up in smoke because of politics not because it's a non-profitable industry.The analysts want these pot stocks to fail probably because of their own beliefs and values. Too many people think that cannabis is the devil. When it has been proven to assist many people with their ailments.