11 thoughts to How To Grow Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds Free Marijuana Guide At 14:28

  1. Is it just me or did all the products at “Denver relief” look like premature trash..and the wax looked like poop soup butane..and they’re tryna act “affluent” lmaoo no way buddy

  2. this dale guy has some serious issues with his teeth' you,d think he would take care of that' he is swallowing poison every nite as his mouth drains,, this makes a person very ill,, as this poison goes right to your liver''

  3. "Growing it is just as enjoyable as smoking it" …… Man i feel that in my ❤. A science project you and your people can benefit greatly from.

  4. Im from India and we get shit in the name of weed here!!! BTW every guy you had on this documentary is high!! THe sellers, the growers. the doctors and ofcourse the host!!