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What I want to get across cigarettes
affect your lungs that’s it in general
alcohol affects your liver as far as
most people know marijuana affects your
brain changes the frontal lobe drops the
IQ by an average to the six to eight
points even in adults and it does not
return to normal and there is a direct
link between marijuana and mental
illness especially if you’re predisposed
because we know that marijuana turns on
the gene that carries mental illness
it’s a comp gene the younger you start
use and the more frequent you use it and
the higher potency that you use the more
likely you are to start exhibiting
psychosis so what are we in the ten
years down the road gonna have a lot
more Skitz offense I mean that just
doesn’t make any sense
I started to notice how it affected
making kids will dab out meaning they
hit the high end marijuana and they
block out and they wake up three to four
minutes later they can’t remember
anything they become extremely anxious
then they’re terrified then they become
psychotic the common people would say
that’s somebody who’s going crazy that’s
what would be the common term for
psychosis but to put this into picture
this is somebody who the police are
bringing in they’re screaming
uncontrollably usually about some sort
of active hallucination they’re having
they’re requiring four-point restraints
meaning they’ve got to be strapped onto
the bed they’re spinning at you they’re
screaming that somebody’s coming to get
them that God has commanded them to do
something all of these just clear active
hallucinations that it that would go
with psychosis they’re clearly paranoid
and they’re clearly not in the right
state of mind and so that’s kind of what
we’re seeing on street corners and in
parks and things and people are kind of
out of touch with reality we see that
probably close to every other day in the
emergency department that somebody’s
coming in with that degree of psychosis
and the only thing found positive in a
of their urine drug screens is cannabis.
I see addiction as a disorder of the
learning of memory part of the brain
it’s affecting the part of the brain
where we learn to do everything so
everything we learn creates dopamine
release in our brain and the nucleus
accumbens which then reinforces memory
about that and and then it gets
hardwired into our brain and we have
this pathway on purpose because it helps
us remember to eat to procreate I mean
it helps us to remember important things
and there is always this release of
dopamine well what happens is the
addictive drugs work in the same pathway
only they cause an even more significant
release of dopamine and then they
basically then hijack that part of the
brain not everybody that drinks a beer
becomes an alcoholic but the more people
that drink the more alcoholics there
will be and the same thing with
marijuana is not everybody smokes
marijuana becomes addictive but the more
people you introduced to marijuana will
lead to more people that become addicted
to it both physically and chemically and
that’s what I saw when I did become
legalized I mean I understand that it’s
difficult to make it in America today it
really is but it’s certainly even more
difficult when when you’re you have an
addiction and people are addicted to pot
I mean I see it and I don’t see how
people think that that can’t happen the
great lie of the marijuana industry is
the marijuana is not addictive
come on is absolutely addictive you know
it always takes me back to the the old
cigarette commercials that my dad used
to joke about
I haven’t all that as you know the first
ones free and I have a customer for life
THC got over 5% that’s when we saw the
very first marijuana dependence syndrome
diagnosis it’s actually in the dsm-5
people will say it’s not addictive and
the medical industry doesn’t respond to
that much because they’re like it’s in
the dsm-5 of course it’s addictive we
know that it is we discovered that there
is a true withdrawal syndrome with
marijuana and the symptoms are basically
anxiety irritability can’t focus can’t
tre can’t sleep and and this is where
people get violent they get very
irritable because they don’t have this
substance that they’ve been addicted to
we know that one in four youth get
addicted now if we were able to
determine who that one was that would
help us but what they’re doing with the
money if you really follow the money in
Colorado now they’re utilizing a lot of
the money for drug rehab programs

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