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– Bring Doctor Sherry
Yafai into the conversation
because you’re a cannabis specialist.
And we’re talking about this.
Delving into your investigation,
what you see in your practice now
because I think that’s a valid question.
You are a doctor.
Emergency medicine
doctor, who’s now become
a cannabis specialist.
How do we know the advice
we’re getting is valid?
– That’s exactly right.
So you have be really
mindful of who you’re getting
the advice from.
So if it’s somebody behind
the counter at a dispensary,
they’re called “budtenders”,
like a bartender,
that the budtenders, right now
in the state of California,
have no regulatory standards
to what they need in education.
But that is changing.
So the Department of
Cannabis here in Los Angeles
is working on creating
a set set of standards
for those budtenders to have to undergo.
And one of the things we see in the ER,
and Travis, I’m sure you’re
gonna see this in the ER as well
is edible overdoses.
And this is really important to know.
It’s a non-lethal overdose.
You’re not gonna die.
You will land in the emergency department
from six to 48 hours and feel awful.
Even have a panic attack.
But that being said,
there’s a couple things
we can remember in terms of edible safety.
Number one, if you’re a first time user,
don’t use an edible.
That’s just plain and simple.
If you’re comfortable with cannabis,
go ahead and use, and you
have to know your dose.
This is what I would leave people with.
Know your dose.
Are you a one milligram THC?
Do you take five milligrams of THC?
Where is that dose sit for you?
And remember here in the state–
– Sorry to interrupt.
Quick question.
How does someone find their dose?
I realize that this is for
more experienced people.
But when you said that to me, I was like,
“How would I know what my dose is?”
So I was just curious.
– So you have to look at the labeling.
So the best part about legalization
has been the labeling
process and the consistency.
So now all of the edibles are
required to have the label.
The max dose in a full
edible is 100 milligrams
here in the state of California.
That’s right.
I hear a lot of whistles in the audience.
And that’s interesting
because anybody who whistled
knows that’s a lot of medication.
Your dose is gonna sit
about one-hundredth of that.
So that one chocolate bar
is good for a month to three
months for most people.
– Is that being well publicized?
Because see I feel like that’s
the issue with the overdoses.
I’m gonna eat a whole chocolate bar.
(overlapping talk)
– You will only hear this
information on this show
because the truth is no
one is talking about this.
And 100 milligrams is a huge dose.
The standard dose, if you go buy a mint,
is 10 milligrams, which for
some people would be like
chugging a six pack of beer.
For some people that’s a big, big dose.
– It would be a pint of
vodka for some people.
– So you know, why do the
standard dosages seem so high?
– It’s really simple actually.
So 100 milligrams is a one month
to three month prescription so to speak.
When you go into a pharmacy
to pick up your pills
you’re picking up a month’s
worth of medication.
You don’t wanna have to go back every week
to pick up another round of medication.
So remember, for our cancer
patients, we want them
to be able to have a month’s
worth of medication at a time.
The key is, is to know your dose,
which is what we were talking about,
is one-tenth or one one-hundredth of that.
So you can start at one milligram.
One milligram.
– But I think it’s important to point out.
So then what I think should be happening,
or the direction that would be nice
is that rather than you going in
and getting one chocolate bar,
just like when you go to the pharmacy,
you get 30 pills.
That these things should be broken up,
so it’s really user friendly
and it’s obvious to you that you don’t
just eat the whole bar in one sitting.

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  1. Don't tread on my Marijuana usage. 🐍 I'm a responsible user let me make my own decisions. I've never heard the doctor TV show talk this much in depth about the usage for alcohol. Maybe they should b4 all of this on marijuana.

  2. Thank you to The Doctors for bringing this important information to light. This is not a giggling subject, it's valid & important for the public to know. These patients are not hippie potheads but people who have legitimate medical needs that deserve to self medicate instead of the opioid poison that Big Pharma forces upon the public.